Java is known for plateaus and vulcanos. Enjoy the view from the top of Mount Ijen or Mount Bromo, Mount Raung or Mount Merapi. You can spend days to get around. If you like to get up early in the morning (or if you can push yourself to do so) you will be rewarded with a stunning sunrise on the top. During these trips you will learn a lot more about javanes life and culture.

Water Sports

Sourounded by water Java offers a lot of water activities. You can do parasailing, scuba diving, sea walker, snorkeling, wakeboarding, water ski, ride the banana boat or play the fast and the furious on a jet ski. Try it and explore the submarine world around the Island.


Java is good for surfing but mostly for skilled surfers or professionals. If you are planning to stay a bit longer you can join one of the surf camps and hang out with other surfers from all over the world. If you want to have your own board you will find it in one of the stores spread allover the island. Whatever your surfing needs, Bali will meet them.

Cave Tubing

In rainy seasons we can use a lot of caves to slide down the refreshing River and through spectacular cave systems. An adventure you’ll always remember.